Reflections on Activism

We attended a protest outside the Irish Parliament to object to the deal that Coillte, a State company, made with a UK venture capital company. In this Big Picture Conversation, we reflect on why we went to the gathering and whether activism works.

Brigit: From Goddess to Saint via the Patriarchy

Happy – and historic – St Brigit*’s Day: Today marks the first time an Irish national holiday is established in honor of a female saint. Why is this important? Establishing a national holiday in Brigit’s name is a recognition of the feminine. Today’s world is run as a patriarchy, or as the late bell hooks …
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Big Picture Thinking and Wellness

Deirdre Lane, CEO of Shamrock Spring and Ambassador of The Circular Economy Institute, chats with Tom at the inaugural Lisnavagh Wellness Festival. Astraea supported the inaugural Wellness Festival at Lisnavagh. Pam offered a yoga practice session to a packed Garden Wing – there must have been nearly 50 people in there with more looking in …
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The War Will Be Over in a Week, and Ukraine Forgotten in a Month

People around the world are yearning for peace. But leaders do not want to make it happen. Instead prevarication and incompetence is allowing Putin to take Ukraine. The Russian army will have control of Ukraine in week. We will have forgotten about it in a month as we will be distracted by another sensational news …
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Podcast: Consciousness, Conscience and the Emergence of Life

System Change – videos of our meeting

Thanks to all who joined our gathering on 8 December 2021. A fascinating conversation ensued (part 3) after an introduction to System Change (part 1) and a tribute to Richard Auler (part 2).

System Change: Fear & Greed vs Love & Sharing

Please join us for our 2021 annual gathering It will be on Wednesday 8 December at 1800 GMT online and in person (RSVP required). This year we will step back and review our big picture perspective of the state of the world and the path forward as volatility of human systems (politics, economics etc) and …
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In conversation with Michael Hickey

author, organic pioneer, changemaker Topics include*stacking shelves then changing course*facing The Wall in Alice Springs*natural skills*finding yourself, choosing your path*self awareness*cause and effect*writing to explore oneself*reincarnation*transcending the division between ego and soul to find your *consciousness*dream therapy*self-acceptance for courage to change*following relationship, not objective*communication, appreciation, confidence*recognising and facing your own past and prejudices*challenge catalysing cultural …
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Making Sense of Ourselves and Our World

An essay on “education as if people and planet matter” originally drafted for The Dartington Trust and Resurgence and published on Clive Menzies Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is obvious, if you can look back in time. Eggs came first in fish, reptiles, then birds. It was an egg …
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Coming of Age

People, Organisations, Countries, the World. An exposition of progressive thinking for positive change.8 December 2020, 1600 GMT Astraea turns 21 on 8 December 2020. For many the 21st birthday is the threshold between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and maturity. Whatever age or ceremony marks “growing up”, people from all over the world follow a …
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