The War Will Be Over in a Week, and Ukraine Forgotten in a Month

People around the world are yearning for peace. But leaders do not want to make it happen. Instead prevarication and incompetence is allowing Putin to take Ukraine. The Russian army will have control of Ukraine in week. We will have forgotten about it in a month as we will be distracted by another sensational news event and need to “get back to work”.

The complacency and foot-dragging by Europe, US, UK and other “leaders” is evident. Confiscating the foreign apartments and cash of a few dozen billionaires has been slow in coming, if at all. It would bolster the coffers of governments and please “the people” but they fear instability while Putin turns to his cronies and says “don’t worry lads, we’ll just steal more from the government coffers to repay your losses”. To make Putin squeal his administrative apparatus must be disabled and that can only be done by confiscating foreign assets, including passports, of the thousands of top level administrators, also millionaires, who do what bully boy Putin tells them to. That hasn’t even been considered.

The war on the ground is expensive, violent and cruel, but is small beer compared to the virtual war of minds that Putin has won. His tech department divided America and won Trump the 2016 election. America is still stymied by vested interests of money and oil and weapons held by US oligarchs. The UK has still not realised that Putin did the same thing with EU, fomenting division within the UK to encourage Brexit. The UK remains a tax haven for Russian money and luxury holiday destination for Putin’s cronies.

Meanwhile the EU has still not realised that Putin will be on their doorstep in a week and are too afraid of the energy insecurity to do anything. They have not considered that without Putin Russia would be as “European” and cultured as any other EU country. And yes, there are good people in Russia, the majority in fact. And yes they can find a reasonable replacement for Putin, in fact they did until Putin tried to kill him and then lock him up in a gulag.

NATO has long been a problem. It is a tool of the imperialist, patriarchal triumvirate of oil, weapons and money which is destroying humanity and this planet. It has not been a security apparatus for many decades but is a tool of control and military access for teh US, the US that signs up to NATO, but not the International Criminal Court or climate agreements, and has launched imperialist attacks on others for over a century.

People do not want this fear and the feeling that their daily work is for others, but we must continue to do our jobs to be like the neighbouring “wage-slave” and must ignore the tragedies that are all around us, despite us all wanting an honest, beautiful world, in case we can’t pay the rent or the bank and our individual lives are ruined. Instead we are all loosing out as any semblance of stability evaporates and soon we will face the reality that our freedom has been an illusion and our “civilisation” will crumble like the buildings of Ukraine.

If we want to help, what can we do? Take a breath, think about what is really happening in our world and the wider world and choose to change our behaviour. Stand up to bullies. Reduce our consumption. Embrace our neighbour. All the good things that our spiritual selves, our consciousness, tells us are right. We do not need a cult, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, political or any other, to influence our behaviour. They are dividing not integrating influences on our behaviour. We know what is the right thing to do and the right way to do it. If we want a future we must grasp the now, ignore the rhetoric and work for life.

The world is changing fast. Decide whether you want a desolate, hungry plant in 10 years or a chance to live, because no person is safe from the Imperialist White Supremacist Hetero Patriarchy. The triumvirate of oil, weapons and money is a pyramid of power in which we are the fodder for those at the top. All our “leaders” are complicit from Vladimir to Joe to Boris to Ursula to Jinping, from Jeff to Elon to Bill to … the individuals that “own our planet”.

Say goobye to Ukraine, or stand up and change your thinking now.


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