10 years of Yoga and Sleep at Lisnavagh

Please enjoy this personal, spontaneous conversation with Emily Bunbury who shares experiences and insights about family, engaging with the public and bringing strangers in to your home on the 10th anniversary of the Lisnavagh’s Yoga and Sleep retreat which she started with Pam Butler and Rosebud McClintock-Bunbury.

Sharing Passion at Thrive Cafe

Corona, System Change and You

Reality Bites: Corona, Capitalism, Life and Death

Coronavirus tips.

#Coronavirus #covid-19 Inform yourself … but thisinformation circulating the internet is interesting. Useful points include: * practice breathing – if short of breath, check for other symptoms. * drink water (warm, not cold) frequently. From member of the Stanford hospital board. This is their feedback for now on Corona virus: The new Coronavirus may not …
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Our Suicide is Painless

Yesterday was an unusual day filled with seemingly inane chores that had to be done.  I was arriving back home in the afternoon with groceries for guests and planned to turn the hay.   I drove past a field adjacent to our where a tractor was spraying and turned in to the drive to be greeted …
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You can’t outrun a poor diet: Calories Matter

About 70% of calorie consumption is accounted for by metabolism though the absolute number varies little for people of different metabolic rates. So, if you’re an average male whose calorie burn is 2,000 a day (can be 1,500 – 2,500 depending on height), about 1,400 are consumed just being you (brain, breathing etc). For females …
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How to change the world: Change your mind, body and spirit.

Joe Dispenza has been elucidating the science of mind for decades.  In this talk (embedded below) he gives a clear, easy to follow description of how the mind works and how a person can change themselves by, literally, changing their mind. To summarise: The brain is constantly changing – the growth, decay, connection and disconnection …
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Three things parents must teach children: money, food, autos

The following piece by Leah Holstein on Funderstanding is a simple, fun admonition with some helpful links.  Enjoy the read or just note the message: Teach children about finances, cooking and cars because they are essential skills for life which are not taught at school