Big Picture Thinking and Wellness


Deirdre Lane, CEO of Shamrock Spring and Ambassador of The Circular Economy Institute, chats with Tom at the inaugural Lisnavagh Wellness Festival.

Astraea supported the inaugural Wellness Festival at Lisnavagh. Pam offered a yoga practice session to a packed Garden Wing – there must have been nearly 50 people in there with more looking in at the window holding rolled up yoga mats. She also discussed the practice and philosophy of yoga in an interview with Sheana Keane. Tom chatted with Deirdre Lane about Big Picture Thinking and Wellness.

Well, that was the initial intent and, given the integral connection between health and mind any conversation about Big Picture Thinking must infer relevance to health of body and mind, but the conversation did range! Deirdre surprised Tom by starting the show with the personal query “Who is Tom Butler?” …

The conversation was wide ranging. Enjoy!


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