BT news – logging, spring planting, garden course, fishing, yoga, … nature.

What’s going on at Ballin Temple? More than we expected, especially as Ireland has been under lockdown all year so far.  If you’ve seen some of the posts on social media you’ll have an inkling of how busy we’ve been.  In order to keep the fires burning we were doing a lot of logging since …
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POV recovery of timber from woods.

A couple of POV videos of recovery of timber for the fire from the woods. This might be of interest to smallholders etc. (“Don’t try this at home.”) Many thanks to Noel Hutton for tuning and sharpening one of the two similar saws used. ‘Twas running better than new! A fine dry day made all …
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10 years of Yoga and Sleep at Lisnavagh

Please enjoy this personal, spontaneous conversation with Emily Bunbury who shares experiences and insights about family, engaging with the public and bringing strangers in to your home on the 10th anniversary of the Lisnavagh’s Yoga and Sleep retreat which she started with Pam Butler and Rosebud McClintock-Bunbury.

Coming of Age

People, Organisations, Countries, the World. An exposition of progressive thinking for positive change.8 December 2020, 1600 GMT Astraea turns 21 on 8 December 2020. For many the 21st birthday is the threshold between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and maturity. Whatever age or ceremony marks “growing up”, people from all over the world follow a …
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Podcasts: I like weeds, The stupidity of crippling the USPS.

Finding and Following the Red Thread of Fate

In conversation with Leiko Uchiyama, Master Felter Please enjoy the experience and perspectives of Leiko Uchimaya who has generously shared them in this conversation. Meeting Ms Uchiyama for the first time, we were welcomed in to her felt workshop, an old farm shed in the foothills of Mount Leinster, where we quickly set up the …
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Sharing Passion at Thrive Cafe

Podcasts: Being “best”, King of the Castle, Burning the universe, The zen of ego, A religious or scientific god.

Oisin strumming by the river …

Oisin’s Journey to Grand Design

Singer/songwriter Oisin O’Neill chats with astraea about how he came to create Grand Design, released on 25 May.Check out Grand Design on We observe the strange coincidence that Grand Design was released on 25 May, the day celebrated by some for “The Glorious Revolution” of truth – a fictional event, and now also to …
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