POV recovery of timber from woods.

A couple of POV videos of recovery of timber for the fire from the woods. This might be of interest to smallholders etc. (“Don’t try this at home.”) Many thanks to Noel Hutton for tuning and sharpening one of the two similar saws used. ‘Twas running better than new! A fine dry day made all …
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Corona, System Change and You

Reality Bites: Corona, Capitalism, Life and Death

Planet of the Humans. Or cockroaches? Maybe.

Thoughts on the recently released film, both acclaimed and vilified, Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs.Watch the film. www.planetofthehumans.comInform yourself.

Dry run in the tent: Corona, System Change and Humanity.

Speaking Truth To Power

Be aware. In a couple of minutes you can hear what is wrong and how we can change to save ourselves from our most primitive instincts, like fear and greed. “The real power belongs to the people.” Transcript: “My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old. I am from Sweden. I speak on …
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Why take a globally responsible initiative.

Fossil Free Food

There’s no such thing. Everyone knows that fuel is used to grow our food and that petrochemicals are used to feed and protect food. But it’s probably worse than we realise. Most food has more fossil fuel energy in it than natural, current energy. It takes about 10 fossil fuel calories to produce and transport …
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Justice and Morality vs The Law

A fitting reminder of our past and current failing to live up to the moral code we all profess.  Personally, I know my direct ancestors have been party to self-aggrandising laws and behaviour which was wrong.  As have I …Laurie Embree, having been arrested for protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline, speaking eloquently to the court …
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