Education, Food, Banking and Grow Your Own: KCLR’s Eimear Ní Bhraonáin talks with Tom

Grow Your Own

A monthly course to help you produce your own healthy food. Here’s a short video of our introductory day in February. Get in touch or book your spot here!

Reflections on Activism

We attended a protest outside the Irish Parliament to object to the deal that Coillte, a State company, made with a UK venture capital company. In this Big Picture Conversation, we reflect on why we went to the gathering and whether activism works.

The World in a Carrot

There was a time when I was strongly resistant to the dirt, bother, inconvenience of the organic vegetable. As my taste buds adjusted though, I began to feel let down by the shops’ offerings.

Propaganda tries to justify the invasion of Ukraine and killing people like us.

It was fascinating to explore the history of the Russian Federation in a DW documentary from 2021 which discussed the tensions in the countries that ceded from the USSR/Russian Federation. But the most striking element was how retarded the progress of Russia has been under Putin, whose imperialistic ego has funnelled money into the army …
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The War Will Be Over in a Week, and Ukraine Forgotten in a Month

People around the world are yearning for peace. But leaders do not want to make it happen. Instead prevarication and incompetence is allowing Putin to take Ukraine. The Russian army will have control of Ukraine in week. We will have forgotten about it in a month as we will be distracted by another sensational news …
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System Change – videos of our meeting

Thanks to all who joined our gathering on 8 December 2021. A fascinating conversation ensued (part 3) after an introduction to System Change (part 1) and a tribute to Richard Auler (part 2).

The success of COP26

No COP 26 wasn’t a success. Objectives were not met. An agreement to promise to do better next year is not an achievement. Worse is the deception by fossil fuel promoters (who represented the biggest delegation at the conference (bigger than any country including USA or China) that they will start to phase out fossil …
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System Change: Fear & Greed vs Love & Sharing

Please join us for our 2021 annual gathering It will be on Wednesday 8 December at 1800 GMT online and in person (RSVP required). This year we will step back and review our big picture perspective of the state of the world and the path forward as volatility of human systems (politics, economics etc) and …
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Richard Auler

Richard is an amazing human. He died a couple of days ago – I’ve not heard the full story yet, but I’m sad and pissed off. I regret not spending more time with him, though he was such a dynamic dude, even in his 70s, it was hard to keep up. He was a very …
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