Why worry about system collapse?

“Why worry about capitalism when the earth is a pointless ball of shit?”

Is this really a question?

Well they had a panel…

In this clip a way out of the mess is offered, in case you think life is worth living.

As for “pointlessness”, it’d be normal if you thought there is no meaning of life. There’s no instruction manual written in the sky while human curiosity wants answers and the simplest answer to “what’s the point of existence?” is “nothing”. But people keep asking the questions…

In the end we choose meaning in life, even though we recognise our insignificance in the scale of life. Others accept reality and enjoy life while exploring their potential. Living life is fulfilling in itself. Making a difference is enriching. Take a breath. Let go of yourself. Choose what you feel is right. Flow with your own rhythm. It reflects the universal pattern of life. Change is life. Emergence is inevitable. Enjoy the journey.


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