Feast Upon The Earth - The Book
Feast Upon The Earth - The Book
Feast Upon The Earth - The Book
Feast Upon The Earth - The Book

Feast Upon The Earth - The Book

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The inspiring timescape exploring existence, Earth and humanity.

When did Time start?
Who owns Earth?
What future will we choose?

This book will help you explore big questions about life.


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Feast upon the Earth was originally an installation commissioned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art for the Earth Rising eco-festival. This presentation was motivated by the incredibly positive feedback to the timescape and visitors asking, “Is there a book?”.

Visually vibrant and emotive images and words will help you form a big picture view of existence and our relationship with Earth.image7

See the event galleries here.

The large A3 (30cm x 42cm) book offers the timescape panels in a reduced, but readable, size.


This book is an outcome of the 2023 Earth Rising eco-festival. Under Annie Fletcher’s leadership, the Earth Rising festival is providing a forum for everyone, from all walks of life, to engage creatively with our Earth, and choose a future together.

The installation Feast Upon The Earth, which was commissioned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) for the Earth Rising eco-festival 2023.  Every soul who walked into Studio 11 at IMMA was a boost for us. The boys who worked the spade, swivel hoe and rake through the soil; the children who drew and wrote on our wall of thoughts; the hundreds of visitors who worked through the Feast upon the Earth and soil quizzes; families who tried mindful eating together; and many strangers who urged us to share this message widely. Thank you for inspiring this book.

The eco-festival was fun and we enjoyed meeting so many diverse people interested in Feast Upon The Earth. The timescape has since been slightly amended on the bottom third of the last panel (8) to accommodate events in the months between installation and book printing. This is a reduced scale representation of the full timescape.





A3 format, spiral bound.

Soft but firm cover of 350gsm.

48 pages

Full colour plates on heavy 150gsm silk paper.

Each panel is shown complete at a size of 15cm x 30cm, plus split in to three overlapping segments of 40cm x 30cm (combined segments create a panel size of 40cm x 80cm).

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