Holonics is scientific word for "big picture". It is a convenient term for the idea that all is one and that everything is different and the same at the same time.

At first it sounds strange becaue the word "holon" is unfamiliar. A holon is something that is a whole and a part at the same time. (Wikipedia reference.) How can that be? You are a whole person, and a part of humanity at the same time. Your heart is an organ in its own right, and a part of your human body at the same time. You are yourself and a part of nature at the same time.

A holonic perspective respects the individual unit, and the universe of which it is a part. It respects the unity of existence and the reality that laws of nature are universal. While holons might appear separate, they are recognised to be integrated and interdependent with all other holons, both physical and metaphysical.

Under the title of holonics, big picture ideas come together as a guide to our behaviour as individuals, communities, society, species. A holonic framework elucidates "the meaning of life", and gives a comprehensive foundation for understanding human behaviour. Our holonic framework can be a guide for life, work and play, because it is flexible, adaptable to different situations, empirically proven and intuitive.

Once you see the big picture, feelings can take over from wosrds and you know what is the right things to do and the right way to do it. No one is perfect. Everyone is different. But you can be more comfortable in your choices, in your approach to life and in your success. You live life and become happy. It's a journey.

Wikipedia reference: Holon

Article by Mark Edwards: A Brief History of Holons

Here below is a graphic of our quick reference chart of the holonic spectrum.

holonic chart

Our personal journey of looking for the big picture is related in Common Sense, published in 2014. It discusses our exploration of "the meaning of life" and holonics.


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