What's the meaning of life?

What's it all about?

How can we be happy?

We all want answers.  We all want knowledge.meaninglpb800clippedb

Humans are curious, problem solving, collaborative, communicating primates.  We are driven by the desire for life, to know and to be happy.

But, how do we "know"?

And how do we "be happy"?

These questions have been asked by people since there were people.  Sages from ancient philosophers to modern scientists have offered answers.  All are seeking "the truth".

The reasoned answer to "how to be happy?" is "live according to the laws of nature".  Easy!

But what are these "laws of nature"?  The answer to that question is what philosophy, science, reason are all about.  

We've been looking for answers since 1999. We look for universal answers.  We look for answers that fit together with all the other answers, like a puzzle, to form a big picture of how the world works.  And we share our research and discovery knowing that as people discover themselves and their humanity, the world becomes a better place.

When people have a big picture perspective we naturally liberate the amazing emergent potential of life that is in us all.

Big picture thinking has led us to a simple answer to "how to live to be happy?".  It is "Breathe, Think, Flow".   That method "breathe, think, flow" and the rationale supporting that simple practice is explored on BreatheThinkFlow.com.

Enjoy the website.  It offers openly accessible articles discussing whatsitallabout"what it's all about", videovideos, and a articlesblog, there are booksbooks and more in the shopshop, sign up for the newsletter or join the communitycommunity to participate more.  If you would like personal or organisation advice please get in touch.

If big picture thinking resonates with you please join our open tribe seeking to thrive.



The patterns of nature are reflected from the sub-atomic scale to the universal scale. "All is one."

The name of the community, astraea, is derived from the ancient word for star, reflecting our universal approach.  "Astraea" is the mythological goddess personifying truth, which evokes what we seek.


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