Why worry about system collapse?

“Why worry about capitalism when the earth is a pointless ball of shit?” Is this really a question? Well they had a panel… In this clip a way out of the mess is offered, in case you think life is worth living. As for “pointlessness”, it’d be normal if you thought there is no meaning …
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The Death of Life

“This frigid sea was a speckled mass of organisms. Tiny copepod crustaceans, looking like so many animated peas, beat their way in their thousands through the surface waters, feeding on plankton that I knew must be there, but which could not be seen without a microscope.” That picture of vitality in the Arctic begins the …
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We’re at IMMA’s Earth Rising Festival in September!

Astraea will exhibit at IMMA’s Earth Rising festival this September. IMMA welcomed people from all walks of life for this 4-day event that invites “eco related programming showcasing the most exciting innovators in the field of eco citizen science, design & creativity, empowering audiences to become agents of change.” That’s us! Our installation Feast Upon …
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Education, Food, Banking and Grow Your Own: KCLR’s Eimear Ní Bhraonáin talks with Tom

The War Will Be Over in a Week, and Ukraine Forgotten in a Month

People around the world are yearning for peace. But leaders do not want to make it happen. Instead prevarication and incompetence is allowing Putin to take Ukraine. The Russian army will have control of Ukraine in week. We will have forgotten about it in a month as we will be distracted by another sensational news …
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The success of COP26

No COP 26 wasn’t a success. Objectives were not met. An agreement to promise to do better next year is not an achievement. Worse is the deception by fossil fuel promoters (who represented the biggest delegation at the conference (bigger than any country including USA or China) that they will start to phase out fossil …
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Corona, System Change and You

Planet of the Humans. Or cockroaches? Maybe.

Thoughts on the recently released film, both acclaimed and vilified, Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs.Watch the film. www.planetofthehumans.comInform yourself.

Speaking Truth To Power

Be aware. In a couple of minutes you can hear what is wrong and how we can change to save ourselves from our most primitive instincts, like fear and greed. “The real power belongs to the people.” Transcript: “My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old. I am from Sweden. I speak on …
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Drawdown – a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming

Paul Hawken has edited Drawdown,  a comprehensive review and analysis of tangible actions that can mitigate the destruction of the natural environment which is now being precipitated by anthropogenic pollution and is most visible in global warming.  Drawdown is the work of many professionals collaborating to synthesise practical mitigation actions. Yesterday he collaborated with The …
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