DLR Lexicon Welcomes Feast Upon The Earth

Feast Upon The Earth is on the move! DLR Lexicon will host the timescape from 26 July to 31 August 2024. The timescape prompts new perspectives. It situates us in geographical time and shows connections between nature, humans, food, finance, fossil fuels, consumption, pollution and climate change. We see how we have impacted our world, …
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Why should we change our minds?

We’ve been exploring human nature from the angles of anthropology, zoology and psychology and recently came upon Joseph Henrich’s WEIRD concept which is helping us to understand the relatively narrow perspective we all grow up with. WEIRD is an acronym for Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic, and delves into the religious convictions, beliefs, practices, technologies …
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We’re at IMMA’s Earth Rising Festival in September!

Astraea will exhibit at IMMA’s Earth Rising festival this September. IMMA welcomed people from all walks of life for this 4-day event that invites “eco related programming showcasing the most exciting innovators in the field of eco citizen science, design & creativity, empowering audiences to become agents of change.” That’s us! Our installation Feast Upon …
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Reflections on Activism

We attended a protest outside the Irish Parliament to object to the deal that Coillte, a State company, made with a UK venture capital company. In this Big Picture Conversation, we reflect on why we went to the gathering and whether activism works.

Happy St Brigid’s Bank Holiday

Happy St Brigid’s Bank Holiday. It is a great step to establish a holiday to honour Ireland’s matron saint. This is a meaningful day in its recognition of the feminine; an embracing of the qualities of compassion, nature, nurture, inclusion and collaboration that are so urgently needed in the world today; with Brigid’s fire to …
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Brigit: From Goddess to Saint via the Patriarchy

Happy – and historic – St Brigit*’s Day: Today marks the first time an Irish national holiday is established in honor of a female saint. Why is this important? Establishing a national holiday in Brigit’s name is a recognition of the feminine. Today’s world is run as a patriarchy, or as the late bell hooks …
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How Happiness Works

Last’ week’s “code red for humanity” got me thinking – ironically – about happiness. What makes you happy? Actually, let’s back up. What IS happiness, that feeling of positive lightness that makes the world seem rosy? “Hap” is the Middle English word for “chance, luck, a chance occurrence”. Sounds about right. “Happy” is defined as …
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Why Naomi Klein Must Not Blame Capitalism

“I haven’t finished reading the book; I don’t want to know who wins, capitalism or the climate, but I assume it’s capitalism because the book costs $30 and it’s printed on dead trees.”
–Stephen Colbert, interviewing Naomi Klein (23 Sept 2014)