We’re at IMMA’s Earth Rising Festival in September!

astraea FeastUponTheEarth

Astraea will exhibit at IMMA’s Earth Rising festival this September. IMMA welcomed people from all walks of life for this 4-day event that invites “eco related programming showcasing the most exciting innovators in the field of eco citizen science, design & creativity, empowering audiences to become agents of change.” That’s us!

Our installation Feast Upon the Earth is an engaging and informative timeline of life and nature. We hope to expand visitors’ perspective to appreciate the wonders of the world we enjoy.

Everyone will be invited to share their ideas on our Wall of Thoughts as to how to steer ourselves into a better future.

The first meeting at IMMA was an easygoing gathering of about ten of us who had technical questions about our installations. Though Tom and I are not artists, we felt comfortable and welcome in this milieu. Open-minded, curious, friendly, collaborative and with good humour, the group exchanged ideas and offered help and support to each other, in addition to IMMA’s facilitation.

We were both struck by the friendly and collaborative vibe of the group, especially in comparison to the competitive professionals we’d encountered in our previous careers, so we’re delighted to find ourselves part of this creative community in Ireland.

Already there is a network for us. We applied to IMMA’s Earth Rising festival thanks to Deirdre Lane’s encouragement, and met another artist there who had also been encouraged by Deirdre through their shared passion for peat bogs.

A vibrant and varied festival lies ahead! More on IMMA’s website here.

Gathering in the courtyard where we exchanged ideas and offers of support.
Getting a sense – and measurements – of the studios.
Making new friends as we stroll along the studio lane.
Enjoying the day!


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