Reality Bites: Corona, Capitalism, Life and Death

Planet of the Humans. Or cockroaches? Maybe.

Thoughts on the recently released film, both acclaimed and vilified, Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs.Watch the film. www.planetofthehumans.comInform yourself.

Impeachment 3.0

…part of the problem is that we think its about the election. It’s not. It’s simple. He betrayed a US citizen. He connived with the head of state of a foreign country against a US citizen. Could’ve been anyone. Could be you, one day, Mitch. No, it’s not good. I don’t want to be in …
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Impeachment – There is a problem.

There is a problem. Trump did nothing wrong. That’s how Mitch and friends see it. Put yourself in their shoes and you can see with their eyes. They all would have done the same. They would have protected their interests. Why look after other people instead of yourself, after all? The people supporting Trump believe …
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Unplanned and Unexpected – A Vision of the Future

Life’s journey has no beginning or end yet events, like seasons and birthdays, mark its progress. So, in anticipation of astraea turning 20, and to say “thank you” to all the people who had helped us along the way, we thought about having an exposition of our work and a party. Many people around the …
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Marching past paradise

The following piece comes from Media Lens. It combines the magic of legends with the reality of today. Perhaps it will help you look up from the rush to decadence and notice the paradise you can enjoy. To get a glimpse of paradise visit Ballin Temple where the air is fresh, the water clean and …
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A Vision of the Future

We’re just not smart enough.

Let’s take our leader, Donald J. He grabs pussy. We allow it. Let’s take another leader, … OK there are a couple who are thinking. Ahern. Merkel. But too many megalomaniacs. And we allow it. When did we stop thinking? When did we stop caring? When did we give up? It’s not about them. It’s …
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What makes the “God Letter” important.

Written in 1954, when Einstein was 74, the one-and-a-half page response to German philosopher Eric Gutkind was sold at auction for  … Three Million Dollars!  Give or take. Is $3 million a big number? It seems so to me, but then, crazy people … It certainly drew attention, which is good because of what’s behind …
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Good and Bad People

The truth about “good people” and “bad people”. From “Guards! Guards!” by the great Sir Terry Pratchett.  (Guards! Guards! is recommended reading for these  fractious political times.) Setting: As the dust settles the Patrician speaks with the Captain of the Night Watch (a civilian police force, i.e. of the people not of the state, it …
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