Impeachment – There is a problem.

There is a problem.

Trump did nothing wrong.

That’s how Mitch and friends see it.

Put yourself in their shoes and you can see with their eyes.

They all would have done the same. They would have protected their interests. Why look after other people instead of yourself, after all?

The people supporting Trump believe that people, their people, agree with them.

They are right.

Everyone who supports Trump would have done the same thing.
They would have demanded a favour (blacken the name of their enemy – Biden) when they offered charity to a stranger (aid to Ukraine).

Now, think about what’s going to happen?

Further polarisation, within communities. Brother fighting brother, father fighting son. Neighbour fighting neighbour.

That is sad but inevitable.

We are the richest people in the history of time and everyone (red or blue) wants the same things. We all want: Food. Home. Clothes. Friends. Stuff. Peace. Freedom. Security. Health.

In fact we do have it all, from food to space age conveniences. But we behave as if we suffer scarcity and fear for our well-being. We fight and argue all the time. We even fight over things that don’t affect us, like religion and colour?

In a world of abundance, why do we spend time hoarding instead of playing? Why are we ruled by our basest instincts of fear and greed, instead of enlightened values like love and sharing? Why do we work and fight instead of live?

Because that’s the way the system works. We have created the illusion of scarcity to distract us from the realities of our closed, inflexible, unethical systems. Even in the United States of America, a federal union which purports to promote democracy, justice and equity, there is profound corruption in the highest offices of government and enterprise: A few powerful men who have promised to work for good, have frightened their neighbours in to lying to benefit themselves.

This has happened before. Yesterday in fact. And every day before. The system will not change until the actors choose to uplift their values and “do the right thing the right way”.

As our callous behaviour increases, so is the disintegration of the climate, biosphere and civilisation. The failure of justice, at the hands of Justice (US President, US Senate and US Supreme Court) is clear to many, but not to many others.

People who live for the appearance of virtue will always make a louder noise than those who aspire to be virtuous, quietly. The balance still remains with the noisy ones and they will win their Pyrrhic victory. So what can you do, if you yearn for enlightenment?

  • Do not raise your voice or tone in anguish. Express your concerns with calmness and clarity.
  • Remember to breathe. It helps focus the mind and adapt to different situations.
  • Choose the life you know is right. Invest in family and friends, because they are the best resource in a volatile world.

The inward looking behaviour of civilised societies has been there for a long time, for centuries. The resources to progress human consciousness have become available in the past century, but they have been used to debase popular consciousness. Human behaviour will only change if you do.

Don’t worry about Trump. There’s nothing you can do to change him. But you can change yourself and that will make a difference in the world. Maybe even diminish the problem.

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