Trained to turn a blind eye …

When the sun is shining and the breeze is warm so you stroll across the village green.

It is where couples sit together on benches holding hands, families play on the grass and the town notice board is perused. Behind the noticeboard swings the gibbet and everyone notes the state of the corpse in their own inquisitive way. Everyone knew the man. He hadn’t done anything unusual, but when the company of government troops came through town he was in the way and his defiant tongue was no match for the captain’s temper.

If we didn’t turn a blind eye to the ghastly horrors in our midst how could we live normally, day-by-day?

On the other hand “everyone” is more than a match for a troops and “everyone” could have chosen not to turn a blind eye and protected young Charlie from the whims of ignorant power.

Nowadays we all turn a blind eye when weak are abused by strong:

The genocide.

The raping.

The misogyny.

The racism.

The enslavement.

The murder.

The oppression.

The theft.

The lies.

The lies are easy. But they are as bad as all the rest. They kill humanity. Truth is liberty.

Don’t turn a blind eye. Stand for truth.


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