Victory! Or shame?

Gaddafi is gone.  That’s good.  And right.

Gaddafi is dead. Maybe that’s not right.  Almost inevitable in this world.  But it was not the best we could have done.

The evidence streamed around the world of a battered, bloodied old man, interspersed with rejoicing is an embarrassing show of primitive instinct.  All male.  Guns.  Blood.  This is not the right way for this species, which has guns and blood.

Ah well.  Maybe we’ll do better next time. From the beginning.  Dictators are not right.  They grow out of global compacency. permissiveness, corruption.  If it is in our own back yard, it hurts.  If it’s in someone else’s it’s good viewing.  No.  That’s not good enough.  The outpouring of joyous vindication shows the pain and injustice that these people have lived with for so long.  So much.  So long.  Can we not feel the pain of oppression of the masses.  We can stand with the liberated Libya, bt not take pride in our role.  Too little.  Too late.  Our shame.

Who’s the dictator in your life?

Pray for peace.  Believe in compassion.  Share.  Love.


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