Someone’s watching you. And it’s not just Big Brother.

A  Russian website is offering thousands of feeds from private webcams around the world.

If you have a webcam with remote access enabled (did you check?) it could be on their list of feeds.  The site has accessed feeds by using default passwords which are often left unchanged by their owners when they enable remote access.  This is made easier because most people are using the same software (Windows) to operate their system.

Most of the feeds are rather dull, such as security monitors on infants cradles.  And maybe this is insignificant compared to the level of snooping of private emails, web browsing history and internet chat that is done by governments in the name of “security”.  But if you have a revealing webcam with remote access enabled, you might want to change the password!

Webcam website

BBC:  Breached webcam and baby monitor site flagged by watchdogs


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