Is your milk good for you?

A friend of ours, who is an agricultural engineer and farmer, mentioned a strange notion recently while rinsing his milk pails.  “Check out the issue of A2A2 milk”, he said.  So I did.

I don’t drink much milk, though I really enjoy the luxury of the raw milk that he gives us.  But my children drink alot – half a litre a day each.  So it is worrying to read that for some years now there has been research suggesting that much of the milk we drink has a gene in it that encourages autism, schizophrenia, diabetes and heart disease.  You can read about the story in the links below.

It is particularly frustrating to see that food regulators and dairy associations are the main impediment to getting  information to the public, improved labelling and further research.  Some have likened it to cigarette manufacturers covering up research disclosing the harmful effects of smoking.

Caveat emptor?

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