People said no to GMO, so now big agroindustry and pharma-chem businesses are engineering mutagenic food. Yum!

Mutagenesis isn’t new: Breeders have relied on it for decades to produce thousands of varieties of lettuce, oats, rice, and other crops.  Pharma-chem companies sell high volumes of mutant breeds, ranging from wheat to sunflowers, in markets that reject genetically engineered seeds.  It just doesn’t sound very nice and might even be a dangerous idea.

I certainly don’t want to sow mutagenic crops.  It’s not that it’s easy to grow and sell food, it’s just that the real food tastes better and even feels better inside you.  I grew up in a world getting excited about fast, food, junk food, processed food and it was all wonderful, but there was still real food, like farmyard chicken (nowadays called organic chicken) and real carrots (nowadays called organic carrots), so as real food disappeared in the nineties and noughties, I noticed.

Nowadays it’s not easy to find. GMO scares me because none of the evidence supporting GMO comes from people who care; it all comes from big agroindustrial, pharmachem and bioengineering businesses who profit from it.  And the evidence against GMO is worrying.  As a casual observer it seems that there is a correlation between more fake food and more cancer.  That might not be the case, but it’s common sense that real food was designed for human consumption so probably doesn’t help cancer, but fake food is designed for profit so it might help cancer.

Humans are very resilient so can eat a lot of toxins without dying.  The booze business attests to that.  But you don’t give booze to babies so why who you give it GMO or mutagenics.  And how about people under teh weather or suffering from debilitating ailment.  And if its not right for them, why’s it OK for you and me?  And whatever we choose, the privilege of being a big business which no one person knows demands the responsibility of disclosure.  So all of those businesses and people in the food business should confess.

Bloomberg: The Scariest Veggies of Them All

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