Eating The Planet: ecological debt is over 4 months of human consumption.

PrintThe Global Footprint Network reports that humanity has already exceeded the ability of nature to absorb our waste.  Our demand for recycling CO2, O2, H2O etc via natural processes, like weather, carbon cycle, etc exceeds the ability f natural systems by 50%.  So the GFN has helped us get a perspective by pointing out that on an annual measure, we are already in ecological debt.

That is everyone’s responsibility.

So stop buying the conveniences, especially those made from fossil resources, like plastic, that you really can do without.

In 1961, humans used only around three-quarters of the capacity Earth has for generating food, timber, fish and absorbing greenhouse gases, with most countries having more resources than they consumed.  In 2000 “Earth overshoot day” was in early October.   In 14 years it’s come forward 6 weeks, and I bet the rate is accelerating.  In 1961  the global human population was 3 billion, now it’s 7 and growing.  Plus we all consume more each.  Time is running out.

The Guardian: Earth sliding into ‘ecological debt’ earlier and earlier, campaigners warn

Regulation doesn't work, but what else is there when people don't care?
Another billion poor people arrived on earth today.

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