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Business schools waste resources.

From Higher Aims to Hired Hands analyses the development of business schools over the past year and shows clearly that rather than develop minds and skills they (as BusinessWeek summarises) only serve two functions: a signal to employers that grads are committed and productive, and to provide a network of contacts.

What they have lost is an academic of social mission and the ability to imbue graduates with integrity or ethics. No wonder the sub-prime crisis is occurring.

BusinessWeek review here.

Heroes of the Environment

Under the byline of A Sense of Urgency, TIME’s annual celebration of heroes spotlights the most innovative and influential protectors of the planet.  Congratulations.  You may not agree with all their picks, but its a great roll-call of people who have changed systems to save the planet.  See them all here.

Examples of those feted are: Interface chairman Ray Anderson, carbon market pioneer Richard Sandor, Japanese rock stars and green-finance leaders Kazutoshi Sakurai and Takeshi Kobayashi, Cradle-to-Cradle innovators William McDonough and Michael Braungart, next-generation solar entrepreneur Shi Zhengrong, Ahmet Lokurlu creator of an emission-free solar cooling system, and wind-power magnate Tulsi Tanti.

VC social networking

Next month, the New England Venture Network, a regional social group for venture capitalists, is launching, an online social network for professionals looking for another channel to connect and talk shop.  It would be great to see a global portal of this nature, especially if it contains substantial public access.

Anti-whaling video

The Australian government has launched an anti-whaling video aimed at Japanese children.   The video, which carries Japanese subtitles, urges all countries to stop catching and killing whales.  (Japan opposes the international prohibition of commercial whaling.  Every year it hunts hundreds of whales in Antarctica under what it describes as a scientific research programme.  This year, it will hunt 50 humpback whales – an endangered species – as well as more than 900 minke whales, a move criticised by anti-whaling nations.)