Humanity Ascending

Humanity Ascending is a foundation bringing together enlightened thinking from leaders in the field and primarily sponsored by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  The principal product is a movie: The Untold History of Humanity As Seen Through Evolutionary Eyes.  Six more films will be released over the next couple of years.

Instructables – how to do anything

Check out this great site  It offers instructions on how to do or build useful things.  It’ll be enjoyed by “boys”, but also craftspeople, DIYers, people on a budget, people who can’t get cool stuff in their neighbourhood and people who are trying to reuse and recycle or just live with less.  Examples include …
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Charles Darwin on-line

Some of the notes of Charles Darwin were first put on-line in October 2006. Today they become more complete with the addition of the first draft of the book which changed the world’s attitude to evolution.   The draft notes are among 20,000 archive items created by the 19th Century naturalist during his lifetime, which include …
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Check out the BBC website

It looks as though the BBC website has been revamped recently.  And its even better.  (No we don’t get commissions.)  The main pages have better summaries.  There is more audio and video.  The navigation is easier.  It looks good.  Maybe even make it your home page (if isn’t 🙂 ) – its not a …
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Slate Magazine – newsworthy satire

Dealpedia – business deal info …

Michael Rbertson, founder of Linspire (formerly Lindows 🙂 ), has just launched Dealipedia – a business wiki for mergers, acquisitions, venture investments, IPO and other deals. Launching with nearly 20,000 deals, but also never before revealed info like how much Yahoo paid for Flickr, how much Google paid for Grandcentral and how much the founders …
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Earth Pulse – a visual guide to global trends from National Geographic

Check it out here.  Its visually pleasing and loaded with data and insight.  Sections are Human Condition Trends, Our Relationship With Nature Trends, and Our Connected World Trends.

Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization – Lester Brown

Caijing – Chinese media website

America’s finest news source – The Onion

Check out The Onion, a satirical look at America from the inside.  Very funny and poignant too. Pointed out to us by The Richter  Scales of  “Here Comes Another Bubble” fame.