System Change: Fear & Greed vs Love & Sharing

System change: Fear & Greed vs Love & Sharing

Please join us for our 2021 annual gathering It will be on Wednesday 8 December at 1800 GMT online and in person (RSVP required).

This year we will step back and review our big picture perspective of the state of the world and the path forward as volatility of human systems (politics, economics etc) and natural systems (biosphere) increases noticeably.  A number of current events will be drawn together to reveal an overall picture of choices faced by each of us individually and the likely path of system dynamics resulting from our collective choices.

The programme includes

  • Talk/presentation “System Change: Fear and Greed vs Love and Sharing”
  • Discussion (registration required to engage in webinar discussion or on site visit).
  • Conversation with changemaker.
  • Tribute to Richard Auler.

The programme will be updated as we develop it.

Please register as a member to receive event link or view our YouTube channel Breathe Think Flow live at the time. To join us on site please RSVP.


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