Coming of Age

People, Organisations, Countries, the World.

An exposition of progressive thinking for positive change.
8 December 2020, 1600 GMT

The Cycle of Life

Astraea turns 21 on 8 December 2020.

For many the 21st birthday is the threshold between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and maturity. Whatever age or ceremony marks “growing up”, people from all over the world follow a similar path of physiological development.

But emotional development can vary greatly among people in the same community, depending on situation, environment and opportunities far more than than biological programming.

Cycle of Life Reflected in Organisations

What encourages or retards emotional development? What encourages consciousness to develop? Can decay be avoided?

T he development cycle is not just seen in individuals, but also in organisations, communities, countries and the whole of humanity. This emergence of innate potential and the implications for humanity will be explored and a map of potential futures based on physiological and emotional resources shared.

What does it mean to come of age?

Is the world progressing or not?

How is tension overcome?

What does the future hold?

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The event will be livestreamed on YouTube channel BreatheThinkFlow


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