25 Amazing Food Cures

I was sent this Men’s Health link listing 25 “amazing food cures”. The foods do things like boost serotonin and endorphins, provide particular vitamins, fatty acids, probiotics and anti-oxidants, boost metabolism, and so forth.

In any case, variety and moderation are the key to a healthy diet (and for me that even includes movie-night binging on tortilla chips under melted cheese – with spice, to boost my metabolism! See “chili peppers,” below!). I would add that another important aspect of a healthy diet is to avoid processed food. If that seems too inconvenient, tune in to BBC3’s “Britain’s Most Disgusting Food” sometime. You might look at carrot peelers in a new light.

And the amazing 25 are… dark chocolate, garlic, coffee, chili peppers, fried eggs, gum, salmon, yogurt, grilled chicken breast, kidney beans, barley, clams, rooibos tea, kiwis, honey, olives, margarine (with plant sterols), spinach, green tea, low fat chocolate milk, sardines, bananas, steak, carrots, and ground flaxseed.

PS – To be fair – here’s an alternative view of the “Disgusting foods” programme on spiked.


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