Obesity is in the mind.

New research suggests again that diet is important to physical condition.  US researchers said poor diets may trigger a signalling system which prompts the body to consume even more.  The research focussed on certain a protein that appears to influence inflammation.

The  BBC news report here  reinforces the understanding that mental condition strongly influences the way we eat.  If we are depressed we go for the chocolate and ice-cream.  If we’re happy we run around having fun. Importantly the research reinforces the complexity of the human metabolism and the simple advice that healthy eating, some exercise and low stress promote fitness in body, mind and spirit.

Living in Hebron: A work of fiction. But only just.

A new film shows the reality of life for people in the middle east.  A simple story of students breaking curfew to go to a school reunion it brings to life the tension and impossibility of humanity in the middle east.  It will not be released till April, but this review gives a sense of the film and its story.