Richard Auler

Richard is an amazing human.

He died a couple of days ago – I’ve not heard the full story yet, but I’m sad and pissed off. I regret not spending more time with him, though he was such a dynamic dude, even in his 70s, it was hard to keep up.

He was a very good friend to me and to Ireland. He pioneered organic agriculture in Ireland and made a positive impact on any one who came in contact. I first spoke to him over 20 years ago when starting our organic adventure and found a bolt of energy to revive my optimism. A pragmatic, skilled, experienced person who had little time for bullshit (though being a pioneer of organic beef in this country) and worked to make the world a better place, including hosting EarthSong on his farm for many years.

Richard was a courageous changemaker. His bravery epitomised by his change of course and move to Ireland. In doing so he gave up his family farm and legacy in Germany, a strong local network around the town of which he was mayor, sold everything and moved to stat afresh in Tipperary nearly 40 years ago. He did that with a young family.

Richard is a hero. I miss him badly now. Fortunately his legacy will last my lifetime … peace, love and hard work – love life!


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