Natural power!

More than 55,000 people are known to have died in the earthquake that struck south-west China on 12 May, according to the vice-governor of Sichuan province.

The earth quake in China has displaced more people (over 5 million) than the population of Ireland (where I live) and created new land features. These satellite pictures from Earth Observatory show the formation of a new lake by earth movements made by the quake.

In Pictures: China Lake Evacuation (BBC).

In Pictures: China’s Ruined Valley (BBC).

(If you have broadband) have a look at these videos of the event and aftermath. Some are amateur and some professional – all are amazing (Hollywood brought to life – it may not seem like it, but these are just ordinary people – no stunt pros or extras were used). There is a lot of pain tempered by Chinese stoicism.

Mapping the earthquake zone (BBC).

We should take nature more seriously than we do.


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