Hunger still kills people.

A child dies of hunger every 6 seconds. A nasty statistic that we’d rather ignore. The latest Hunger Report by The International Food Policy Research Institute shows that there are far more people hungry than we imagine. We, who enjoy cars, TV, wifi, chocolate and junk food should be ashamed. Maybe we would be if children were dying next to us instead of “over there”. It is long past time due for humanity to fix its own problems.

An important part of the solution to global hunger is reducing gender inequality. The evidence shows that higher levels of hunger are associated with lower literacy rates and access to education for women. High rates of hunger are also linked to health and survival inequalities between men and women. Reducing gender disparities in key areas, particularly in education and health, is thus essential to reduce levels of hunger.

International Food Policy Research Institute

Hunger Report 2009 2.7MB pdf

PestalozziWorld educating children for a better life


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