One thought on “God, the Universe and Everything

  1. Since you mention God, I’d like to recommend a very thought-provoking book: “The Garden” (of Eden) by Elsie Adinoff. It’s an alternative take – a common-sense view – of Eve in the Garden of Eden, and how she meets the Serpent (her mentor and friend), Adam, and tempestuous God. It’s written for teens, but fascinating for all (not younger readers because of the complex moral issue surrounding the loss of innocence).

    I bought it on a whim during summer holidays and allowed my inquisitive nearly-11-year old daughter to read it… read it first before you let a pre-teen at the book. I thought it offered such a believable and realistic picture to the incomplete and rather sad version I grew up with. For a start, Eve a.k.a. “females” carrying the blame for all evil seemed a little rich. The Serpent is a beautiful, wise, trustworthy friend to Eve – all the qualities opposite to those I’d dumped on the nasty little snake in my childhood versions. God is predictable – very humanized, you could say – and Adam is such a BOY! Adorable in his can’t-sit-still way. Enjoy the read.

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