George Floyd murdered. America living in fear of itself. Change is your choice.

george floyd

It’s still happening. Don’t forget.

George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020) was an African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is one of many. He would have been 50 this year.

Racism is a part of America. The only way to extinguish it, heal the wounds and enlighten the future is for White America to face their history and stand for change; to become aware, to speak up for change and to stand in the way of systemic racism.

America could be the most cosmopolitan society in the world. There are communities from all over the world who bring language, cuisine, culture, music, art, wisdom, and love. Communities from Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, Australasia. You can get Nigerian suya, British fish and chips, Thai tom yam kung, Italian risotto, Peruvian papa a la huancaina, Japanese yakitori, … And listen to music from these countries. The ethnic mix is as diverse as anywhere.

But America is stuck in a past of ignorance and greed created by elite White immigrants and their descendants. Poor white communities have been duped in to perpetuating a system which also oppresses them. That is why data shows widening inequality rather than increasing equity.

The whole culture looks inward and feels as sense of fear and defensiveness toward foreigners (called “aliens” in USA). There is also an inward facing fear fomented by an overarching culture of individual independence cultivated by divisive law and arrogant culture. Gated communities proliferate, but behind the gates there is no community, no sharing, friendships are false and people live with an unknown fear just beneath the surface. Fear in the richest economy of the world. Even in poor, working class communities fear is cultivated by policies, political propaganda and rhetoric and even by media and advertising.

When White America faces its fears, accepts history with humility and opens hands, hearts and minds to all people, the system will change for the better.

Be grateful for the patience, fortitude, joy of life, strength of community, wisdom, matrifocal culture, creativity and love shown by the Black community and other minority ethnic communities.

But beware that patience will expire soon as more people are becoming familiar as the truth of America’s continuing racist history and systemic discrimination becomes more widely known. Wisdom and patience from Kimberly Jones:


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