Big pharma being paid to poison our planet. New GMO and agent-orange/glyphosate mix to hit earth in 2015.

Argentina-GM-human-pics4The US EPA is set to approve new GM seeds and toxic sprays made by Dow Chemical in the face of scientific opposition.

There are millions of dollars on the table.  Dow will take market share and expand the use of mono-culture and toxic sprays.  These initiatives are inherently unsustainable, but in the short term will make money for executives and shareholders of Dow.

GM, monoculture and toxic herbicides and pesticides are unsustainable because they require huge fossil fuel inputs to operate.

They are dangerous because they encourage the development of super-weeds and introduce risks of transgenic hybridisation which can decimate habitats and local species.

The extensive use in Argentina of genetically engineered soy crops combined with spraying since 1996 is well documented.  The tragic consequences of this strategy, which has enriched politicians and landowners at the expense of normal people, are visible.

According to Dow, heavy use of Roundup, herbicide Monsanto brand glyphosate, triggered an explosion of herbicide-resistant “super weeds” that are hard for farmers to fight and which can choke off crop yields. Such weeds now infest roughly 70 million acres of U.S. farmland.

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