Tumbleweed Update Breaks DNS/Network -FIXED

OpenSuse Tumbleweed is a factory rolling release.  It has the latest updates which means it has the greatest functionality, … unless a bug appears which disrupts stability till the next update (which usually happens within 24 hours).

So, on a couple of occasions an update has broken the network connection – it looks connected, but doesn’t download to any sites, including the software update repositories.  Previously I reinstalled to get it working (what a pain!),

Today I discovered that even with the broken network, Tor browser worked.  (Go Onion!)  Maybe because Tor manages it’s own routing it worked … in any event it allowed a search which led to a simple super user command to get it up again.

The resolv.conf file needs to be updated.  Run this command as root:

netconfig update -f

NetworkManager thought resolv.conf had changed and decided not to manage it any more.;  that command basically says “ignore all usermade changes and recreate all network conf files”


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