Blooming flowers – a harbinger of doom.

According to textbooks there should be between 20  and 30 species in flower on new years day. This year there were 368 in bloom raising further questions about the effects of climate change during the UK’s warmest year on record.  Many of the flowers, like daisy and dandelion shouldn’t bloom for at least a couple of months yet.

While we don’t count blooming flowers, we’ve certainly had a mild winter here on the farm.  The grass was still growing in the first weeks of January and there are still petals on a few marigolds!  How can anyone, even an experienced farmer or gardener, count on the seasons when planning cultivation.  And how must nature feel when the environment they are programmed for is all topsy turvy.

Humanity needs to slow down and take a breath!

BBC: Unusual number of UK flowers bloom



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