Biosphere destruction is being ignored but happening fast and time is running out.

In Dangerous Global Warming Closer Than You Think, Climate Scientists Say, Scientific American outlines two reports encouraging immediate and extensive action, before it’s too late.

The message of the reports is that climate volatility is already here, species extinction is close to a critical level, as are levels of toxic concentrates.  They are now talking in terms of only decades to repair the problems.

Sadly there remain climate deniers who resist the science, using the moderate language of scientific data interpretation to claim that inconclusiveness equates to fallacy.  These few climate deniers influence millions who support their claims, many doing so on religious grounds (which is doubly sad because no god would be pleased with the way the planet is polluted even by faithful climate deniers).

We are getting deeper in to a situation requiring radical change in behaviour, especially with respect to energy consumption and sources.  Everyone  has to change behaviour now.  Use less energy.  Eliminate combustion of fossil fuels.  Everyone.  Now.

PlosOne: Assessing ‘Dangerous Climate Change

National Academy of Sciences: Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises


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