This section introduces a physiological profile of humans. It touches ideas summarising the body, how it works and what it likes and does not.

There is a tremendous wealth of technology about the body. We can fix many physiological problems (various approaches to medicine - modern, chinese, homeopathy etc) and know fairly well how to build and maintain health. For most of us this is fine. And if we want to improve the body's performance, with care and training we can develop athletic performance from meagre beginnings. Although not everyone can be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Carl Lewis each of us (including you!) can be in the same league. With a little care we can certainly keep fit and healthy in our own way and still enjoy the pleasures of life.

The link between mind and body is now becoming accepted wisdom in scientific circles.  Our article, The Science of Mind and Body, introduces the link between physiology and happiness here.

This section offers a quick browse of technology that will help you to know your own physiological characteristics better.

Enjoy browsing.

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