IMG 20160514 145953bActivities will take place in a large (10m diameter) Tent of Friendship, organic walled garden and ancient woods (SAC designated) along the banks of the Slaney.




Clothing should be practical allowing movement and comfort.  Given our changeable weather layers are recommended as well as a waterproof jacket and walking shoes or boots. If you have work gloves bring them along.



Your guides for the course are Pam and Tom.

tompam butler yoga 20100602 4834Pam has been qualified and teaching yoga for 17 years.  She also has a degree in Literature and an MBA and is a figure skating instructor.

She teaches and designs yoga classes, retreats, and workshops for adults, teens, children, including YogArt summer camp for children and Lisnavagh's Yoga & Sleep retreats.


Tom qualified as a financial engineer and did venture capital before changing course nearly two decades ago to develop holonic ideas for living and work. 

He manages the garden and offers coaching and advice to entrepreeurs and people seeking to change their lives.  He is author of Common Sense and How to Get Rich and Famous

Please book here:

Tom 086 817 9238    Pam 086 089 1141


The 2017 schedule is below:


Morning Welcome and Introduction
    Introduction to yoga and mindfulness: Ancient origins, modern science, current practices.
    Mindful meditation.  Introduction to Yoga-based mindful movement.
  Afternoon Natural Connections
 DSC00187   Introduction to and practice of reflective journaling (compatible with SSE).
Tuesday Morning Participant's personal practice.  Preparing to teach: Planning and testing mindful movement.
  Afternoon The role of education and SPHE
 S2560001b   Reflection.
Wednesday Morning Participant's personal practice.  Explore use of resources and storylines to practice mindful responses.
  Afternoon The mind, its role in physical and emotional development: personal, social, globally.
 pam butler yoga 50   Reflection
Thursday Morning Self-practice with peer support.  Incorporate physical characteristics, and emotion in children's yoga-based movement.
  Afternoon Alternatives to competition.
DSC00288   Reflection
Friday Morning Review of personal practice.
Mindful eating exercise
Mindfulness for children
  Afternoon Natural systems in action.
pam butler yoga 20100602 4825   Evaluation.


Please book here:

Tom 086 817 9238    Pam 086 089 1141

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