Aligning yourself with the laws of nature improves performance.

Astraea nurtures natural system change in people and organisations. 

Individuals and organisations that adopt natural systems perform better.

In the case of individuals that means enjoying life and living longer.

In the case of organisations it means better financial performance, a more friendly place to work and happier stakeholders.

Businesses prioritising sustainable, ethical solutions are often in the fastest growing markets such as organic food, alternative energy, low emission paints and chemicals, complimentary medicine, etc.  Innovative companies tend to a more sustainable market disruption than incumbent technologies. (Read the article: Sustainability is common sense.)

The big picture thinking behind Astræa is becoming more popular as traditional hierarchical command and control approaches fail more and more.  Big picture thinking is built on a foundation of many disciplines, from biology to economics to geography to philosophy etc., and the internet gives the opportunity to research, clarify and disseminate ideas.  The internet also makes ideas available to everyone (especially people that have access to a computer or media device - i.e. the majority of human economic activity).


We've been offering coaching and training since before Astraea went live.  Back in the 1990s the focus was on business, finance and investment.  In the 2000s we incorporated more sustainability and SRI techniques and expanded to wellness training.  Today we focus more on personal transformation and whole system change.  Our big picture approach leans to emotional intelligence, a holonic perspective and experiential learning. is a web portal which explains Big Picture ideas and offers access to a network of people making the world a better place. came on-line in 1999 with The Big Picture Story, our outline of the rationale for progressing human behaviour.  It underpinned our new "meaning in life".  We added pages discussing  physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions aimed at helping others self-develop.  We published a newsletter for four years (2003-2007) which discussed news and views relevant to enlightened change.  This evolved into our Blog, to which we regularly post articles.

We hope you will benefit from this website or even come on a course.  If you like what we do you might even want to join us as we try to do the right thing the right way!

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