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  1. A monthly course to help you produce your own healthy food. Here’s a short video of our introductory day in February. Get in touch or book your spot here!
  2. Tom walks around the garden introducing the Grow Your Own course held at Ballin Temple.
  3. Spring in Ireland launched with a new festival: St Brigid’s Day!  It was a timely reminder of the strength of the feminine and the human sense of justice and care for nature. As you know, we love nature here at Ballin Temple and we took the opportunity to reflect on the changes in Ireland since …
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  4. We attended a protest outside the Irish Parliament to object to the deal that Coillte, a State company, made with a UK venture capital company. In this Big Picture Conversation, we reflect on why we went to the gathering and whether activism works.
  5. Happy St Brigid’s Bank Holiday. It is a great step to establish a holiday to honour Ireland’s matron saint. This is a meaningful day in its recognition of the feminine; an embracing of the qualities of compassion, nature, nurture, inclusion and collaboration that are so urgently needed in the world today; with Brigid’s fire to …
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  6. Happy – and historic – St Brigit*’s Day: Today marks the first time an Irish national holiday is established in honor of a female saint. Why is this important? Establishing a national holiday in Brigit’s name is a recognition of the feminine. Today’s world is run as a patriarchy, or as the late bell hooks …
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  7. There was a time when I was strongly resistant to the dirt, bother, inconvenience of the organic vegetable. As my taste buds adjusted though, I began to feel let down by the shops’ offerings.
  8. Lyla June speaks about the history and culture of humans in North America before Europeans invaded in 3,000-year-old solutions to modern problems. She offers a path to regenerating the vitality of Earth which resonates deeply with the ideas that have attracted astraea to change course and re-imagine the future. Thank you Lyla June.
  9. Deirdre Lane, CEO of Shamrock Spring and Ambassador of The Circular Economy Institute, chats with Tom at the inaugural Lisnavagh Wellness Festival. Astraea supported the inaugural Wellness Festival at Lisnavagh. Pam offered a yoga practice session to a packed Garden Wing – there must have been nearly 50 people in there with more looking in …
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