We catalyse personal transformation. We include aspects of health, family, career and lifestyle change. We deliver modules following a curriculum and way of learning designed to be effective and customised to individuals. The process begins with self-appraisal. We engage multiple techniques from a range of fields including psychology, neuroscience, physiology, holonic systems and yoga.

We resolve business challenges for SMEs and groups and teams in national and international organisations. With a background in financial engineerinng ad organisatio behaviour we help in start-up, development, expansion and turnaround situations. We also offer feedback and advice on business plans.

We design and deliver bespoke retreats and workshops. Our core programme, Nurturing Natural Performance, includes experiential modules on key technologies. We customise programmes to suit your wishes. We deliver programmes on yoga, personal transformation, family dynamics, business systems and education.

We excite audiences with ideas about big picture thinking, system change and the future. with groups seeking to breakout from traditional thinking and move on and up.


We advocate a self-help approach. This is coherent with experiential learning, which is what humans are designed for. It's also part of our autodidactic philosophy: Just as it's better to learn to fish than receive a fish, so it's better to learn to do anything than to learn to do only one thing

There are many resources available on and from this site so that can explore ideas and techniques and develop yourself.

If a personal guide would help, please get in touch.




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