A healthy body, mind and spirit makes life fun and enjoyable.  They are essential for your integration in business, social and personal situations.  There is not one right way, in fact, it is diversity which yields strength, flexibility and fitness for purpose.  We can help you grow and develop whether that means raising your energy levels, improving your resistance to ailments, and lowering stress or developing technical skills relvant to looking after yourself or your business.

You are the most important part of your life's experience, whether that be family or business, and we have found that in every business situation, attending to personal habits and health make an impact on the success of your enterprise, sometimes being the difference between survival and failure.

Understanding your body is an important part of health and there is a wealth of information on the internet which you can browse.  Please have a look at our Body review section for a start.

Yoga.  In the past half a century, yoga has exploded across the western world to become one of the most popular activities.  Even when it has departed from its roots as a holistic approach to life, it retains many of its health benefits.  It is after all exercise and mens sana in corpore sano.  We offer yoga instruction for groups or individuals and encourage your participation if you are reluctant to try any exercise because you do as much as you want as hard, or soft, as you want.  Go to PBY Yoga to read about yoga here.

Lifestyle.  Most people know their strengths and weaknesses.  If you smoke you know it's not great for you.  We can help you recognise priorities in diet, routine, and extracurricular activities which then motivate habit changes.  We can help you recognise your mindset and approach to life, using standardised tests and general inquiry, which lets you manage your personal development in a comfortable effective way.  We help you be the person you want to be.


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