Astraea emerged from a passion to "do the right thing the right way".  The ideas started to come together in 1998 and put online at the end of 1999.  Pam and Tom initiated Astraea and have had help from many people along the way.  We work with other experts as required to deliver broad spectrum experiences. If you would like to join us, please get in touch.


Pam and Tom come from different backgrounds, different countries and different perspectives, but both have experienced the value of system change in life and work and want to share the technology with as many people as possible.

Realising the need to develop new systems of living and working that can sustain people and planet, they left the normal career path to understand on a deep personal level what that means.  Diverse professional experiences, from investment to farming, from windsurfing to yoga, from manager to parent, combined with an appreciation of global cultures, from Hong Kong to New York, from London to Bangkok, from city to country, have nurtured a broad perspective which enables them to deliver a full spectrum of skills and technology to people and organisations.


Pam moved from a liberal arts background to become an event organiser and human resources executive in the banking industry. With two young children and an international relocation she adjusted her career to include children and part-time editor for an art & culture magazine. She has since gained an MBA, a diploma in journalism and is qualified as a yoga teacher.


Doing yoga since 1993, she has been teaching in the community since 1999.  Her sports and nutrition training at university is now applied to residential courses and lifestyle training.  She is also a director of a children's educational charity managing the charity in Ireland and publishing the international newsletter.

(Read more about Pam here.)




Hello, I'm Tom, a jack-of-all-trades and life-hacker.


Once it was easy to put me in a box labelled "finance expert" or "venture capitalist".  I had many years' experience in investment banking, venture capital, business start-up, business turnaround, due diligence, management, and so on.  But then I broke out of the mold to try to change myself and the world.  Life has become more varied. 


Overall I want to do the right thing the right way.  For me, that means looking after a bit of nature in Ireland, Ballin Temple.  Here nature comes first. We grow vegetables, make hay, look after the woods and gather fuel and maintain buildings and equipment - it's almost entirely DIY - as well as look after house and children.  This is the small-holder experience and it informs sustainability at its foundation.


Beyond the nature sanctuary, I share big picture thinking and technology for sustainable change.  That builds on my professional background in finance and business, incorporating holonic perspectives and experiences in many businesses from banking to gardening.  It involves writing, speaking, coaching and advising people and businesses.  That's Astraea.


I've a degree in Finance from Wharton, USA and an MBA from IMD, Switzerland and have taught Finance at Smurfitt Business School.


I'm religious about Terry Pratchett, open systems (eg Linux) and honesty for leadership.


Days are busy.  If there's time I enjoy mountain biking through the woods and wish I could windsurf ocassionally.  I'm no saint and like music and dancing and quafing if the gang's all here ...


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