Humans experience existence in three ways: physical, mental and spiritual (body, mind and spirit). And there is technology available to develop individuals' potential in all three areas.

This section focuses on the spiritual dimension of existence. We focus on the mental dimension in Mind and on the physical dimension in Body. We hope these sections help you to fulfill your potential - in body, mind and spirit.









Method to Develop Potential

Nutrition, exercise etc

Education, learning to learn etc.


Where in Astraea





This section offers an introduction to spirituality.

What, where, how about soul/spirit? Well this area is a bit more difficult than the others. There are not as many examples to show us the way. Individuals that appear to help include gurus, religious founders and spiritual role models recognised to be human but having great spiritual power. Or a frame of reference might be experiencing the unexplainable - a feeling of concern for no reason, only to find that your mother or grandmother had an accident. Astraea believes in ESP (extrasensory perception), telepathy, Yuri Geller and magic. We don't yet know how to develop or control the spirit, but we reckon being open to the feeling is a good start. May the force be with you!

The Meaning of Life

Astraea has seen and heard many answers to the question: "What is the meaning of life?"

But she has not yet heard the answer. So, she lives as if the answer is "life".

The question remains provocative and the inquiry rewarding to many. So here we have collected some of the ideas that have been expressed through time by people from all over the world. If you find the answer, please share it!

Pleas share this ...

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