This section focuses on the mental dimension of existence.

The link between mind and body is now becoming accepted wisdom in scientific circles.  Our article, The Science of Mind and Body, introduces the link between physiology and happiness here.

This section is mostly about technology or know-how.  We cover a few areas of interest to us, the important ones being education and links/downloads of course material.


There is a tremendous wealth of technology that humans have developed to make life easier. This technology allows for efficient use of resources. It is possible because of human's developed sense of reason, memory, logic (direct and lateral). It is catalysed by creativity.

We know the potential of the human mind because, even apart from genius, we know that education makes us smarter! And the more we develop our mind the better it works - exercising the mind makes it stronger. And we're beginning to understand better how to develop our minds. Not necessarily purely by routine, and not purely without routine etc. So, if we want to be smart we can be (and it doe not cost much).

If we want to improve our performance, we can develop the understanding to help our families, homes, work environments more prodctive and fulfilling. Although not everyone can be an Albert Einstein or Bill Gates each of us (including you!) can be in the same league. With a little extra learning we can certainly get more leisure and more productivity from our days.

We can spend more time with friends and our lives can be more productive if we communicate well. For most of us the worlds of economics, finance, law and so on can be frightening. What we have done here is to introduce some of these ideas and present them so that they make sense. Hopefully then it help avoid getting embarassed or at worst loosing out unnecessarily.


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