A summer CPD course with


DES approved for EPVs


Enhance skills, knowledge and techniques that develop the whole person
and the learning environment.

Participants enjoy yoga, mindfulness and nature.

Discussions address issues chosen by participants to be most relevant.



July 1-5  mornings 9am - 1pm
July 1-5 afternoons 2pm-6pm
August 19-23 mornings 9am – 1pm
Ballin Temple Nature Club, Ardattin, Co. Carlow

  • Yoga-based movement and simple mindfulness techniques, adapted for the classroom.
  • Appreciate nature and our place in the web of life.
  • Discuss challenges like social media and dealing with bureaucracy.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and how to nurture it in pupils.
  • Gain confidence in applying open techniques in the classroom.

More programme information here.

ONLY $99

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