Waste hemp for cradle-to-cradle and biomimicry

Research shows that “Hemp fibres ‘better than graphene'”.    Scientists have made graphene-like materials for a thousandth of the price – and with waste.   They “cooked” cannabis bark into carbon nanosheets and built supercapacitors, high-performance energy storage devices, which are “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard.  Graphene is too expensive to produce, but “hempene” will not be.  A great illustration of cradleto-cradle design and looking to nature for answers.

Scientists presented their work at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco and have described the device in the journal ACS Nano.

The hemp is perfectly legal to grow. It has no THC in it at all, so there’s no overlap with any medical or recreational activities.

BBC: Hemp fibres ‘better than graphene’



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