My excuse for being lazy …

My excuse for being lazy is thinking up new ideas.

So why would I admit to laziness?

Guilt.  It’s increasingly clear that people are amazing.  Not just celebrities on TV, also regular people.  People who make our lives better,. People who work hard for family and friends and good causes.  Shop owners, tradespeople, “employees”,  and people who don’t have work, resources, maybe even friends, who share their talents and energy to help others.  Real people.  That’s a challenge to follow.  So I’m feeling a bit guilty.

And what were these ideas that I took time off to think up?

Holonics, sometimes referred to as “big picture thinking”.

And, admittedly  they’re not technically new ideas. Other people have thought them too.  Somehow they had always been in me, and I assumed to be in everyone else, nevertheless it was fascinating to articulate them, find out about other people who had written about them too,  and write the ideas and references down.  Maybe holonics isn’t as much new ideas as a new way of seeing the world, a.k.a. big picture thinking, which is beginning to catch on as science advances,   And although “holonics” sounds unfamiliar, that’s because we don’t hear talk of it, not because it isn’t common sense, and scientific.

So, I took time off from reality, a gratuitous sabbatical (some say retirement) to find answers to big questions and came up with holonics.  Was it worth it?


You might have already decided “No”. Or be uncertain how to call it.

And saying “Yes” could be self-serving.  It isn’t.  The cost has been high, that I know and feel.  The benefit, well … Something to do with “being an instrument of nature”, “small but material”, and “endorsed by others and events over time”.

Initially the ideas dubbed holonics were summed up in my head as “do the right thing the right way” (dtrttrw).  That is a simple guide to the universe and can be helpful.  (It’s a bit of an exhortation too, because I’d like to move forward and that means others choosing too.) As we each must choose, “do the right thing the right way”  serves as a benchmark for choices.

At least that’s how my mind sees it.

That little phrase,  dtrttrw,  is a convenient guide for holonics, which takes a long time to explain.  That’s philosophy for you!  The ideas are profound and coherent and discussed in a few hundred pages of Common Sense (whatever might be said of story or style – the less the better perhaps),

While I encourage you to read Common Sense (and How to Get Rich and Famous), here’s a book-full of ideas in a few sentences:

All is one. That is science.  The universe occupies space-time with matter-energy in physical and meta-physical dimensions.  Science.  Organisation evolution follows patterns, such as: from “zero” to “binary” to “homogeneous complexity”.  Another pattern of the universe is truth.  Ability to understand these concepts is a tool for progression.  As is our free will to choose.  Choosing to do the right thing the right way tends to truth.  Nature (the biosphere on planet earth, rather than “the way of the universe”) is disintegrating, as are the institutions of the passing era.  Adapting is already a requirement. Averting complete uninhabitability for homo sapiens is possible if system change (progression) is effected now … Each person must choose.


So THANK YOU to all my family and friends who supported me and let me chase ideas.

Things didn’t go as hoped/expected.  But then we jumped off the edge without having a clue of what might happen to explore and live a new path informed by holonics.  Walking the talk helps us help others to understand and implement new lifestyles.  And that means we all have a better chance.  The chance for progression remains, if the system changes from pyramids of power to holonic life.  And that happens from within.  From each person choosing.

Now to choose: ideas or food?…

Remember to breathe.


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