It’s easy to ignore what you put in your mouth.

The Ecologist Guide to Food, written by Andrew Wadsley, is to be published in mid-February.  I reckon I know about what I put in my mouth.  After all I grow a lot of it in the garden.  But I happened to click over to the book promotion page and was reminded how easy it is to be ignorant of the food pollution we create.

Before you even get to the food, there’s the packaging, which consumes tonnes of oil to produce and is then chucked in the land fill.  And then the food is filled with interesting bits from MSG to E43.  And even fresh ingredients come with unpleasant invisible coatings of herbicide and pesticide.

The online magazine promoting the book, Forked, offered other reminders (like the article linked below) to be aware of what you put in your shopping basket and mouth.  So don’t be “Forked”, think about what you put in your mouth.

Forked: Deformities, sickness & livestock deaths: the real cost of glyphosate & GM animal feed?



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