We advocate open technology and self-help, so much of the ideas and techniques we use are discussed on this site.  Please browse and help yourself to ideas.  We hope this helps you develop cognitive and emotional intelligence to make your life better.

The What we do section outlines what we can do to help you and your business and introduces people.  Much self-help information is in the Technology section.

The Technology section discusses key technology related to big picture thinking.  In particular, holonics, which is a values based framework for understanding emergent systems' structure and processes, is explained.

The Articles section is our blog where ideas, perspectives or our news is posted.  We highlight events, people, organisations, ideas and issues pertinent to the progress of humanity's consciousness as it moves from exclusive thinking to inclusive thinking.  A simple, free sign-up on to get articles sent directly to you by email is available on the Articles page.

World News is where you can get a quick summary of that day's world news headlines.  Headlines from BBC World News and BBC Science and Environment News are presented in a simple table.  It takes less than a minute to see what's going on in the world.  It's the first thing we read each day when we go on-line, before getting stuck in to the work for the day.

How the website happened

Originally, we put together a "data dump", a "pile of information", to try to help people to see a whole picture of the human world and how it sits within the natural world.  That was our original Big Picture Story, archived here.  There were enough ideas to to reveal a complete picture in the mind's eye of where humanity is, where it has come from and where it may choose to go. That showed great opportunities, but also revealed dangers related to the deteriorating biosphere and stagnant human consciousness.

Back then, at the turn of the millennium, alternative approaches were ignored, even vilified.  So we tested many of them in our "Living Laboratory", where we "lived the dream" and "walked the talk".  Increasingly awareness is growing that humanity can emerge from its hierarchical system of feudal power to an enlightened, equitable system in which humanity acts as an integral part of nature.  More people are taking responsibility of their consumption and investment choices which affect everything around us from lifestyle, to family, to work to the dynamics and infrastructure of human society.  And the tools for change are shared widely on the internet.  We are one repository of information and experience.

Now the site focusses on core holonic ideas, which we specialise in, and presents tools to help you change thinking and behaviour to fulfil your human potential.

Astraea.net is part of a growing community of people who see the opportunities of whole system emergence.  We hope you enjoy and benefit from this resource.  Please browse Astraea.net.  We hope you find something intense, interesting or thought provoking and imporantly, helpful.

Enjoy the journey!

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